electric guitar, hardware synths, hardware effects and drummachines generally sounds like a great idea - even more if DIIVISION is involved bringing his toys to the party. His electronic ensemble can serve all moods and genres by delivering organic, live-played and improvised ambient downtempo, IDM, shoegaze, techno,... whatever he decides to prepare for his unique live shows. His mentality of sharing spaces and moments together with the audience create special, emotional feedbacks for both, artist and listeners, as he experienced himself at live concert of his idols olafur arnalds, diivnils frahm and the notwist
DIIVISION live is the evolution of an independent lockdown project with the goal of making music without a computer involved, featuring local artists and musicians to play unique sets in backyards, wg-partys, cafe's, on raves, demos, bikes, festival stages.
his iconic sound gets recognized by his atmospheric (guitar) sound, melancholic but not less beautiful harmonies and creative but complex layering of parallel or reversed loops.

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